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We build Plevry to help people

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    Manage work/life balance

    Life is already difficult for business owners, we want to make balancing all of your priorities easy and reward. We make it ver easy to bock out timein your schedule for the important things inside and outside of work

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    Reduce time spend on menial tasks

    With our booking service, clients can make appointments easily based on your chosen availability. Our aim is that the appointments take care of themselves and your customer can reserve your time without issue.

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    Payment provider integrations

    Thanks to the intergration with well-known payment services such as Mollie and Stripe, you can also easily keep track of your accounting or even automate it!

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We currently only offer our service in Dutch

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Why Plevry?

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    After talking to many entrepreneurs about the existing solutions in the market, almost every time it emerged that they were looking for convenience. No extensive software for which you have to do a course. No complicated integrations. No unnecessary costs. It just has to work.

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    Save time, save money

    When we started calculating what it costs entrepreneurs to reach their customers via the phone, we came to the conclusion that it takes a lot of time. And time is money. By using Plevry you save time and money.

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    Customers stay customers

    The result of Plevry is that your customers can easily book an appointment and do not have to wait long for your answer. Many customers would prefer to hear as soon as possible when you have a free spot, if this sometimes takes a few hours, then there is a chance that they have already found a place with a competitor.

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A Community of Like-Minded Professionals

Share your passion and join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with Plevry. As expert web and app designers, we've worked with business owners to create a tool that simplifies business management and helps you save time.

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